Sources S.A. in permanently convened, both as brand representative and independent business enterprise, to sponsor different sporting activities in competitions, festivals, and national feasts organized by locals and others governmental departments, as well as in important fairs and exhibitions related to sport at national and international level.

Our presence is significant: not only do we promote the brands and products we represent, but we also support these undertakings by way of donations and diffusion.

We consider the promotion and advertising of the different brands to be a vital step towards maximizing sales and positioning the product.

Several years ago we devised an advertising strategy that we have applied ever since and is currently still operative; it consist in signing annual contracts with leading specialized publications, thus enhancing our presence in clubs, commercial establishments and other meeting points congregating sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

As for the audiovisual mediums, we privilege TV programs, since the handle a language which fosters a more direct relation with fishermen, hunters, and sportsmen nationwide.